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Question : Would freezing my product make it last longer?
Answer :

Yes, it would. First, please understand that the only significance of the temperature 32oF (0oC) is that water freezes at that temperature. For products that don't contain water, (and Natural Desiccated Thyroid Extract does not contain water), there is nothing significant about the temperature 32oF (0oC).

Nearly all chemical processes follow a general rule of slowing down by half for every 10 degrees C drop in temperature. The active components of these tablets, as well as the fillers themselves, will be degraded by four things: heat, light, moisture, and oxygen. Keep all of these four things to a minimum, and your product will last the longest possible time. This product is dry, and safe to store in the freezer, which will result in longest life.  A reasonable estimate from a knowledgable friend is 10 years if properly stored in the freezer. "Properly" stored means: cold, dark, and sealed from moisture and oxygen.

IMPORTANT: When removed from the freezer, atmospheric moisture will condense on the cold package.  This moisture must not be allowed to reach the tablets.  Moisture on the tablets will quickly degrade them (within a few days or weeks, depending on the amount of moisture). The original container should be sealed, and then this should be placed inside ANOTHER plastic bag. When removed from the freezer, the outer plastic bag will provide a second layer of protection against the condensation moisture reaching the tablets.

Leave the package sealed until it has equalized to room temperature to prevent atmospheric condensation from reaching the tablets. Don't reach into the package with moist fingers, and don't pour too many tablets into your moist palm and then return them to the package. Don't allow a lengthy exchange of moist air into the open package. Keep the tablets dry. No problem to re-freeze it again afterwards, assuming the tablets are dry, which they will be, if you handled them correctly.

For further proof, you can see this detail page on a laboratory reagent manufacturer. They supply porcine thyroglobulin (which is precisely what Natural Desiccated Thyroid is), and you can see that their recommended storage temperature is -20oC, which translates to -4oF., well below freezing temperature.

Sigma-Aldrich Thyroglobulin from porcine thyroid gland

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