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Hello ZWebMedia Customer. Email has become increasingly unreliable. Since our emails notifying you of your ticket updates may fail to be delivered, it is vital that you log back in to our Help Desk and check the status of your ticket(s) frequently for updates. We will attempt to reply to your ticket(s) as quickly as possible, and all tickets are answered in the order received. We attempt to answer every email within 12 hours, but in some situations (like on Sundays) it may take longer.
We Are Here To Help :

Your business is important to us. We have a dedicated Customer Service Team trained to assist you with any issues you might have with your order. Many of the usual questions from customers are already answered in our "Knowledge Base", such as how to track your order. Please check it first, and then don't hesitate to open a Support Ticket if your question is not answered there. We are here to help. Take care now.

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